zondag 25 september 2011


This is one of my two shirts I'm not sure of this is real. This shirt I got from a Dutch seller. I couldn't find any pictures, but the design is similar to other adidas shirts from that time. The only strange thing is there isn't a logo, but there is only the name CUBA on it. So hopefully someone can send me a picture of a match with the Cuba shirt…

I've been once to Cuba. It's an amazing country with a beautiful nature. I can recommend you to go to Cuba. Cuba’s biggest receiving come from the tourism. Cuba isn’t a very rich country, so you support the country!

Sponsor: Adidas
Year: 1996-1997

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  1. Hi Luuc,

    Cuba often plays with only the word Cuba or the national flag on their shirts. So I would worry about that.

    Not 100% sure about the design of the shirt though. Most Adidas kit of that era had three lines on the side or shoulders of the shirt. However, the collar and sleeves are period correct.

    My gut says its real.

    But Cuba has had a long relationship with Adidas

  2. Hi Eric,

    Thanks for this information. I won't stop looking for photos of this Cuba shirts. I saw your beautiful website. The only problem is that I can't see you football shirts, very strange and it's a shame. I hope we can keep contact in the future and maybe swap some shirts.

    I keep following your website.