dinsdag 10 januari 2012


Cyprus is hard to get. There are many fakes on Ebay and other shops. But I think this is a real Cyprus football shirt. Cyprus hasn’t a great national team, but there competition becomes stronger and stronger. Apoel Nicosia was number 1 in their group in the Champions League. They were stronger than Porto, Zenit and Shaktar Donetsk. But their team are consisting of  many Brazilian and other nationalities. So no famous Cyprus player.

The shirt isn’t very special, but I love their logo. There is a white pigeon in the logo. White pigeons are a symbol of peace.

Sponsor: Umbro
Year: 2002-2003

3 opmerkingen:

  1. Nice one Luuc. Was that just on eBay? I was watching that one too.

    You are correct, real Cypriot shirts are hard to get. The amount of foreign holiday makers, especially from the football mad UK, makes fake shirts a good business there.

    I think this one is the real deal too.

  2. Yeah this one is from ebay. I won this one against Oliver. It cost me like 10 euros, so it wasn't very expensive.

  3. This one is a replica my friend but still very nice, notice it doesnt have a number in the center or a umbro teamware badge.