zaterdag 5 november 2011


This shirt is very special shirt. Suriname was a colony of the Netherlands, so we've got a close relationship with Suriname. Players like Kluivert, Seedorf and Elia got parents coming from Suriname. But they grew up in the Netherlands.

About the shirt. This shirt has a beautiful design. Because of the relation between the Netherlands and Suriname it was possible to get more shirts. So that made me possible to trade shirts with other collectors like Oliver, Joe and Enrique. That was the way I learned those other collectors so I'm very happy with those shirts. I'm remember that Joe contacted me on facebook with: "Hi, are you the Suriname guy?". Very funny.

Sponsor: Copa
Year: 2008-2010

1 opmerking:

  1. Ha ha, did I?! It may well have been something like that... Not a bad way to meet somebody :-)

    I was after one of these for a while; very nice design! Thanks again for helping me out!