zaterdag 8 oktober 2011

Cook Islands

Thanks to Nick I got this rare Cook Islands shirt. He saw an advertisement on the site of the Cook Islands Football association. Cook Islands is one of those small islands in the pacific. They never became a good team. No surprise if you see how small the country is. The shirt design isn’t very interesting. Lotto is the big clothing sponsor in the Pacific. Almost every island in the pacific is sponsored by Lotto. The emblem on the shirt is different from others. It’s a very simple designed logo.

When I bought this shirt, I watched on Google maps what the country was like. It’s a very small islands. But if you watch some pictures, you see an unbelievable nature. The people there are far from the real big world. Very strange thought.

I paid a lot for this shirt, but I didn’t expect there came another Cook Islands shirt. It also took a while before the shirt arrived.

Sponsor: Lotto
Year: 2010-2011

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