woensdag 2 november 2011


This shirt I bought on a trip to Sweden. It's a beautiful country where you can drive with your car for several hours and see no one else. I love it. Sweden is always a counrty who qualified them for the World en European Cup, but never come far. Also this year they will be in Poland and Ukraine. Thanks to Holland. We didn't lose a qualifaction match for 4 years, but then we lost from Sweden. It wasn't very good for the Dutch team. Every newspaper is always positive about the Netherlands, but after the trip to Sweden it changed. They doubt about the qualities of our team. I found it bullshit. We were second at the World cup and this year we will beat the rest of Europe. Like Germany (especially them :P, sorry Sascha), England, no Scotland (next time better Joe) and at last we will take revenge on Spain. I think it won't be any problem.

This Sweden shirt is very lovely with the blue and yellow colours.

Sponsor: Umbro
Year: 2008-2009

2 opmerkingen:

  1. I'm starting to wonder if we will ever qualify for anything again... Hopefully one day!

    I love Sweden, probably my favourite country I've ever been to. They love Heavy Metal, just like me! :D

  2. I was in Sweden 2 times during school and I really loved it a lot !
    I love the silly language and the landscape with all the rape (why do English people you call this virgin plant like a sex crime ? Thats a question I got for some decades now :P) and of course the lovely people. They are all blond, beautiful and outstanding intelligent. And everybody speaks perfect English, which makes communication much easier than somewhere else for me.

    I got some fake Sweden shirts and a Malmö FF shirt, as I support both for a couple of years now. A lot of my friends in Sweden are Malmö FF Ultras and they visit me from time to time. I will go and visit them next year probably.

    Now about your Euro dreamings, Luuc ;) Sorry mate, but thing is for sure. There are only two teams that can win a tournament in the next years. These are Germany and Spain. Of course the Netherlands are not that bad, but they are far far away from those two. As Spain already got a couple of titles in the last years, we will win the next one. If we meet in the final I will travel to you Luuc to see you cry ;)