maandag 31 oktober 2011


This shirt was on my wanted list. Not because of the design of the shirt, but because what they have reached with this shirt. In 2004 they won the European Cup final against Portugal. It was Angelos Charisteas who scored from a corner. I think it was for everyone a big surprise that Greece won from everybody. This shirt I bought for 12 euros, so I'm very pleased to have this shirt. For persons who wants to know my further wanted list:
- Trinidad and Tobago 2006, Leo Beenhakker made it to the World cups with such a small counrty. I love this shirt and the story behind the shirt.
- South Korea 2002. The World Cup of 2002 was held in South Korea and Japan. Guus Hiddink came to the semi final with South Korea! Nowadays he is still a legend in South Korea.

Sponsor: Adidas
Year: 2004-2006

zondag 30 oktober 2011


This shirt I got from my aunt. She lived in Singapore for a while so she decided to buy a shirt for me. Thanks for that! A funny thing about the South-East Asia shirts is the logo. A lot of countries there haven't a logo but use their flage. Singapore and China are one of them.

Sponsor: Nike
Year: 2010-2012


donderdag 27 oktober 2011

Czech Republic

This is one of the shirts for which I paid to much. This is a Puma design and the most of the Puma shirts aren't very expensive. But this is one of the shirts I bought before I had started my collection. So I didn't had an idea what a good price was for a new shirts.
This Czech Republic shirt is bought in Czech Republic self. It was very hard to find a real shirt. It surprised me that the first real shirt I found was a Slovakia shirt. Very strange. The only place I found this shirt was in the fanshop of Sparta Prague.

My total payment for the Czech Republic shirt was 40 euros. It's a shame.

Sponsor: Puma
Year: 2008-2009


This Tunisia shirt is very boring. Puma uses always the same design for each country. A dutch site called sells a lot of puma shirts. So I've got some Puma shirts, but all those designs are very boring. My Saudi Arabia shirt for example came also from that website. They qualified in 2006 for the World Cup, but I think that was a exception for them.

Sponsor: Puma
Year: 2008-2009

woensdag 26 oktober 2011


This shirt is also from my sister. She went for a half year to San Diego to study. She bought me and my brother a USA shirt. I got the blue shirt and my brother the red one. I love the last design of nike. So I also love the USA-shirts.

USA don't have great football players. I think the best player is Clint Dempsey. He's midfielder of Fulham. USA came never further then the quarter final in 2002. For such  a big country isn't that very good.

Sponsor: Nike
Year: 2010-2012

maandag 24 oktober 2011


This shirt came up on a local sort of Ebay. I love this shirt. It's a new design of Nike. The star player of Zambia is Jacob Mulenga. He plays for my hometown club FC Utrecht. A very nice player. I paid 25 euros for this shirt. In mine opinion very cheap for this rare shirt and lovely design. So I'm very happy with this shirt.

The only thing I'm doubt about is the year this shirt is coming from. But when I see the design of Nike I believe this shirt is for the period 2010-2012

Sponsor: Nike
Year: 2010-2012

zondag 23 oktober 2011


This is a shirt from the period Bulgaria was a decent football nation. Nowadays there not very good. Stoichkov, the best Bulgarian football player ever, says that these nowadays Bulgarian players may not even care the bagage of the football team of 1994. Bulgaria is not proud at his football team anymore. This shirt is from 1998. That year they came to the first round in the World Cup. In 2002, 2006 and 2010 they didn't qualify for the World Cup.

There aren't many white football shirts that has a beautiful shirt. This is one of those shirt. But this shirt has a huge and nice logo.

Sponsor: Puma
Year: 1998-1999


Last holiday I went to Canada. There I bought my shirt. Canada isn't  a football country, but they have a beautiful club: Vancouver Whitecaps. All the clubs in the USA and Canada have beautifull names. For example: Chicago Fire, New England Revolution, Los Angeles Galaxy and San Jose Earthquakes.
Canada don't have a star player and they didn't qualify for a World cup since 1986

Sponsor: Umbro
Year: 2010-2012

zaterdag 22 oktober 2011

Hong Kong

This shirt I got from Oliver. Oliver is like my age, but has a bigger collection. It's suprisingly how he get some rare shirts. Respect for that and thanks for the shirt Oliver! Unfortunately Oliver stops his collection. It's a shame. I hope Oliver and I will keep contact!

I think the Hong Kong one is a beautiful shirt. I really like the dark red color and also the logo is very nice.

Sponsor: Adidas
Year: 2010-2011

vrijdag 21 oktober 2011

Argentina 2

Another Argentina shirt. This shirt was worn at the World Cup 2010. The tournament didn't went very well. There wasn't any interest in the team, but all the interest did go to Maradona. But his coach-abilities aren't very good.

Sponsor: Adidas
Year: 2010-2011

donderdag 20 oktober 2011


This shirt belongs to one of my first shirts. It was a birthday present. I hadn't many football shirt, so I asked one for my 12th birthday. Why Cameroon and not the Netherlands? Easy. I found the design of this Cameroon shirt beautiful. The dark green color with a lion print on it. This was my favorite shirt, until the moment I worn it for the first time. The logo grated on my breast and the shirt wasn’t very comfortable. So I didn’t wear it many times. It’s a shame for such a beautiful shirt. But it deserves a place in my collection. That many shirts like this will follow my collection!

Sponsor: Puma
Year: 2006-2007

dinsdag 11 oktober 2011


This Bolivia shirt is also from my sister, when she went to South America in 2007. For a long time Bolivia was my rarest shirt, and I thought also collectors find it difficult to find a Bolivia shirt. Nowadays I know that almost every national-shirts-collector has a Bolivia shirts. The only thing about my Bolivia shirt is that I really don’t know if this one is real or not. The sponsor is Marathon, like it is now. My sister bought in a fan shop and had also the opportunities to press a name on the back. So with those information I thought it was a real one. But I couldn’t find any pictures of it. So if anyone can find a picture of this shirt, or may know if this one is real, please let me know. No worries, this Bolivia shirt and the Cuba shirt were my only doubts. So no other questions for you.

Bolivia is the only country in South America that have no player that I know. It isn’t a real shame, because there results aren’t too good. The logo on the football shirt looks very childish.

Sponsor: Marathon
Year: ?

zaterdag 8 oktober 2011

Cook Islands

Thanks to Nick I got this rare Cook Islands shirt. He saw an advertisement on the site of the Cook Islands Football association. Cook Islands is one of those small islands in the pacific. They never became a good team. No surprise if you see how small the country is. The shirt design isn’t very interesting. Lotto is the big clothing sponsor in the Pacific. Almost every island in the pacific is sponsored by Lotto. The emblem on the shirt is different from others. It’s a very simple designed logo.

When I bought this shirt, I watched on Google maps what the country was like. It’s a very small islands. But if you watch some pictures, you see an unbelievable nature. The people there are far from the real big world. Very strange thought.

I paid a lot for this shirt, but I didn’t expect there came another Cook Islands shirt. It also took a while before the shirt arrived.

Sponsor: Lotto
Year: 2010-2011