maandag 19 december 2011


It took a while to post a new shirt on my blog. Sorry for that! Soon there will be some rare shirts posted on my blog. East-Timor, Tuvalu, Kyrgyzstan, Haiti, Cyprus, Guatemala,Jamaica and Mali. So keep following me to see those pictures! Next week I have enough time to work on my blog, so than there will be some shirts!

After a trip to Czech Republic I had a Slovakia shirt. I bought this shirt in Prague. The funny thing is, that I was looking for a Czech Republic shirt, but I couldn't find any shirt of them. After a while I found this Slovakia shirt. I love this Adidas-design. I always love the Adidas design. It's very basic, but I love the simple blue colour. The logo isn't very special. There isn't any sign of football in it.

Sponsor: Adidas
Year: 2010-2012

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