vrijdag 16 september 2011


The England shirt is my first national football shirt I had. My father loves to go to Great-Brittain. So in 2005 we also went to England and there I bought my first national shirt: England. I believe England is the only top country whose clothe sponsor is Umbro. I was always wondered by the fact that England had such great players, but never comes far in a tournament. Maybe there are to many stars.

When David Beckham played for Manchester United he was my favourtie player, but when he went to Real Madrid my admiration for David was gone. Real Madrid isn't my favourite club in the world and after they bought Kaka, Cristiano Ronaldo, Benzema, etc. for amazing prices I started to hate that club. When José Mourinho became the trainer I was for sure.

Sponsor: Umbro
Year: 2004-2006

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