dinsdag 11 oktober 2011


This Bolivia shirt is also from my sister, when she went to South America in 2007. For a long time Bolivia was my rarest shirt, and I thought also collectors find it difficult to find a Bolivia shirt. Nowadays I know that almost every national-shirts-collector has a Bolivia shirts. The only thing about my Bolivia shirt is that I really don’t know if this one is real or not. The sponsor is Marathon, like it is now. My sister bought in a fan shop and had also the opportunities to press a name on the back. So with those information I thought it was a real one. But I couldn’t find any pictures of it. So if anyone can find a picture of this shirt, or may know if this one is real, please let me know. No worries, this Bolivia shirt and the Cuba shirt were my only doubts. So no other questions for you.

Bolivia is the only country in South America that have no player that I know. It isn’t a real shame, because there results aren’t too good. The logo on the football shirt looks very childish.

Sponsor: Marathon
Year: ?

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