donderdag 27 oktober 2011

Czech Republic

This is one of the shirts for which I paid to much. This is a Puma design and the most of the Puma shirts aren't very expensive. But this is one of the shirts I bought before I had started my collection. So I didn't had an idea what a good price was for a new shirts.
This Czech Republic shirt is bought in Czech Republic self. It was very hard to find a real shirt. It surprised me that the first real shirt I found was a Slovakia shirt. Very strange. The only place I found this shirt was in the fanshop of Sparta Prague.

My total payment for the Czech Republic shirt was 40 euros. It's a shame.

Sponsor: Puma
Year: 2008-2009

2 opmerkingen:

  1. I also have this shirt! It wasn’t purchased from The Czech Republic though, but it’s from an authentic Puma store in England. Since it’s from Puma, I’m confident that the shirt is comfortable to wear. I just completed my UEFA collection, by the way. Next target: AFC. Wee, I’m really excited! :]

    - Lee

  2. Hi Lee,

    Do you have any blog or something?